About PPT

People for Public Transport SA Inc. (PPT) was formed in 1989 to lobby and work actively to defend and extend public transport in South Australia, but we do focus our efforts on the Adelaide Metropolitan area.

It is an incorporated non-profit organization run by a committee of volunteers.

As well as working for better public transport in SA, PPT takes an interest in pedestrian, bicycle, interstate public transport and non-urban rail issues. PPT liaises and works cooperatively with other local and interstate public transport advocacy groups in order to promote public transport, particularly rail.

We share a common goal with several other community organisations such as Walking SA the Bicycle Institute of S.A., WalkSafe and the
Heart Foundation. We would like our society to become healthier, through people travelling fewer kilometres by car, and using alternative methods of transport more often.

PPT has made submissions to major Commonwealth Government inquiries on matters affecting public transport and the environmental effects of transport, including the Inquiry into Federal Road Funding and the Inquiry into Role of Rail in the National Transport Network, GST and greenhouse inquiries. Members have also taken part in State Government and council workshops on transport.

PPT has been represented on the Passenger Transport Board User Committee and our members have served on bus and rail panels, when these bodies were still active.

PPT puts out media releases on transport issues and is interviewed by the media from time to time.

Public Transport is a Community Asset

PPT wants our society to become less car-dependent. Ideally, no-one should have to drastically restrict their activities because they don't drive. Many people without access to a car are unable to ride a bike, or walk much, so they must rely on public transport for their mobility. Taxis are a form of public transport, but are expensive to use frequently.

We would like public transport, in the form of Adelaide metropolitan services, to meet people's transport needs well enough to become the preferred method of transport for those with a choice, at least on some occasions. If this is achieved, the mobility of those who rely on public transport will be improved.

At present, it appears that a large proportion of our population perceives public transport as a kind of lumbering dinosaur that is a drain on the taxpayer, and as something they would never consider using - a kind of welfare. PPT wants to work with our community's leaders and decision-makers to change that perception.

We see public transport as a community asset that benefits everyone; it's one of a range of transport options. It is also an essential service for those with no other options available to them. We see public transport as having the potential to help our society become more ecologically and economically sustainable, as well as healthier.

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