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Keswick the Worst

PPT audit pours scorn on stations

by Emma Graham

Guardian Messenger - Wed 15 Oct 2003, Page 5

The Keswick station has been identified as the worst on the metropolitan line by transport campaigners (from right) John Ferris, Jo Harding and Peter Wong

The Keswick station has been identified as the worst on the metropolitan line by transport campaigners (from right) John Ferris, Jo Harding and Peter Wong.   
Picture: Keryn Seidel

THE "appalling'' Keswick railway station has been rated the worst in the metropolitan area.

It was judged the worst of a bad lot in a metro railway stations audit that revealed major gaps in security, cleanliness and amenities.

A People for Public Transport and Southern Regional Transport Advisory Group did the audit, which rated Noarlunga station as the the best.

Each month more than 300,000 people travel on the southern line - the busiest in SA.

But a SARTAG audit of the 25 Noarlunga and Tonsley line stations has found a rundown system desperately in need of funds.

Most had inadequate lights, no security cameras or public phones, no accessible toilets, poor disabled access and were riddled with graffiti see table).

Keswick was declared the worst station and Noarlunga the best.

"It is really quite appalling,'' SARTAG member John Ferris said of the Keswick station.

"No toilets, no food, no phones, no security at all. "It does have seats and shelters on the four platforms but that is it.'' Disability access was nonexistent. "It is all steep steps to get there. Someone in a wheelchair would have no chance at all.

"Considering it is the interface between the interstate and local metro trains in Adelaide, it is not good enough.'' Ascot Park station had no security, no bike lockers and could only be reached through a dark, smelly underpass.

"The entire scene is a long, grey, concrete platform with grey gravel either side,'' SARTAG member Elaine Grimm said.

"Even my bulky son, at 24, felt nervous about it.''

Lonsdale had no security, no timetable, toilets or food.

"Just poor seats and shelters,'' SARTAG's Peter Wong said.

"Very desolate and industrial. It has an unsafe feel.''

Commuter Numbers
2002-03 ('01-02)
Belair: 966,362 (1,031,7220)
Gawler: 3,462,992 (3,240,928)
Noarlunga: 3,803,711 (3,628,657)
Outer Harbour: 2,359,467 (2,315,912)
TOTAL: 10,592,532 (10,217,219)
(Grange boardings are included in total figures for Outer Harbour)

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SOUTHERN Adelaide Regional Transport Advisory Group (SARTAG) members rated each of the 25 stations on the Noarlunga and Tonsley lines out of a maximum score of 60.

Scores were out of 10 in six categories: Appearance and maintenance; security and safety; lighting; car parking; disability access; facilities (toilets, seats, food).

Hallett Cove Beach. Rating 36/60. 'It is a worry with pushers, prams and wheel chairs."

Hallett Cove. Rating 39/60. "Badly maintained."

Marino Rocks. Rating 34/60. '1 felt safe."

Marino. Rating 27/60. "Not enough lighting. No bike lockers."

Seacliff. Rating 30/60. "Only one ramp for the disabled."

Brighton. Rating 49/60. "Well maintained and has minimal graffiti."

Hove. Rating 22/60. "No bike lockers and a small car park. Needs more lighting."

Warradale. Rating 37/60. "The graffiti lowered the score. Plus the underpass is very dark."

Oaklands. Rating 37/60, "An attractive setting for a very run down facility, however it is manned."

Marion. Rating 29/60. "No security whatsoever. No phone or toilets."

Ascot Park. Rating 24/60. "Desolate. The underpass is the only access - a total turn off."

Woodlands Park. Rating 27/60. "Drab and uncomfortable."

Edwardstown, Rating 35/60. "Nice to see plants on platform."

Emerson. Rating 32/60. "Little parking, even in the street."

Clarence Park. Rating 34/60. '1 feel comfortable at this station."

Goodwood. Rating 26/60. "An old station with limited access."

Keswick. Rating 6/60, Appalling. 1 did not want to be on the station. The underpass and bridge feel unsafe. No toilets, no food, no security, no disabled ramps."

Mile End. Rating 30/60. "Not a bad station."

Tonsley Line...

Tonsley. Rating 30/60. "Good gardens but not enough seating or lighting."

Clovelly Park. Rating 17/60. "Very dark at night."