"Off The Rails" - A Series of Messenger Press Articles

Tick for our Transport

by Amy Rohrlach

Leader Messenger - 15 /10/2003  - Page 3

Apologies for the quality of the photograph Ruth Lenton of People for Public Transport at the O-Bahn bus interchange at Tea Tree Plaza. Ruth Lenton of People for Public Transport at the
O-Bahn bus interchange at Tea Tree Plaza.

TI-IE Northeast has one of the safest and more convenient public transport hubs in Adelaide, a People for Public Transport (PPT) audit has found.

The Tea Tree Plaza O-Bahn and bus interchange is well-maintained, free of graffiti, well-lit and has good security and facilities.

The audit, carried out by PPT and Public Transport Users Advisory Committee member Ruth Lenton last week, gave the interchange a perfect score out of 60. The audit rated appearance and maintenance, security and safety, lighting, car parking, disability access, and facilities of Adelaide's rail and O-Bahn network.

Other northern transport stations did not rate as well, with many lacking adequate security and disability access and were marred with graffiti and vandalism.

The only criticism Mrs Lenton found at the O-Bahn interchange was there was no shelter from cold winds.

"There are shelters on some of the seats but they don't keep you warm," she said. "It's quite clean, trolleys do get stacked up here but they obviously get cleaned up."

The interchange had 24-hour videosurveillance and was well-lit at night.

"There's not much graffiti. It looks like they clean it up pretty quick."

The adjoining Tea Tree Plaza shopping centre boosted the interchange's rating because of its access to public toilets, food, shelter and the feeling of extra security.

"If there's several people around then you feel more secure.

"(The O-Bahn) is a very convenient service - I used to travel the bus when it took 45 minutes to get to the city, going through all the streets.

"Now it's 20 minutes and you don't have to worry about finding a park."

Holden Hill Police Snr Sgt Karen Robinson said the interchange was relatively safe, as police received few callouts.

"It isn't much of a problem and there aren't many incidents on the actual buses either," she said.

Transport SA budgeted $70,000 this financial year for removing graffiti on the O-Bahn and interchanges.

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