Stations Surveys 2016

A revisitation and updated snapshot of the condition of a number of railways stations in the metropolitan area.

More information on the Station Surveys page.

The Costs of Commuting: An Analysis of Potential Commuter Savings, Jan 2015

A new report from the Australasian Railway Association

"This report estimates the potential savings that Australian and New Zealand commuters can achieve if they decide to use public transport rather than a private vehicle to commute to work.

A direct link to the 44 page document here and a link to the Australasian Railway Association itself.

30 Year State Tranport Plan - Integrated Transport and Land Use

This is our submission to the South Australian State Government regarding the plan.
Comment by PPT on 30 Year Transport Plan.pdf

The original government document available for download from;

Adelaide City Council Integrated Movement Strategy

Adelaide City Council: "Moving Adelaide Integrated Movement Strategy 2012-2022"   Full Version of Report

Original source and further Information -- Adelaide City Council: Draft - Integrated Movement Strategy

Network Principles in Public Transport

Organization before Electronics before Concrete
Short and readable, sourced from

The Principles of Public Transport Network Planning: A review of the emerging literature with select examples
Academic paper from Griffith University.

Transport Visions for 2031:

These documents outline some of the strategic thinking that is going into improving public transport in the city of Perth and in the South East Queensland region. Consider them in comparison to the issues we face in Adelaide.

“Connecting SEQ 2031”   (pdf,  2.4 Mb)
More information & original source at:

"Public Transport for Perth in 2031"    (pdf,  8 Mb)
More information & original source at:

Bowden Transit Oriented Development

Check out  The site so far is mostly advertising fluff but the documents below contain the actual detail of what may be expected. You can get them at the downloads section of the LMI site or directly from below.

Bowden_Stage_1_First_Release.pdf (4 pages)

Bowden_Urban_Design_Guidelines.pdf (84 pages)

Noarlunga Regional Centre TOD

A State Government plan to guide the transformation of the Noarlunga Regional Centre into a Transist Oriented Development.

Web page here Noarlunga TOD - Transit Oriented Development

Some direct links to individual items below. Brochure (pdf file, 5.30 Mb)
Regional Centre Structure Plan (pdf file, 4.5 Mb)
Noarlunga Station Precinct Master Plan (pdf file, 5 Mb)

This last document was originally produced by the Public Transport Users Association We would like to thank them for their permission to use their work in our submission.

Also available as a pdf file (672 Kb) at

An earlier document
Final Report Public Transport:  
Sixty - Fifth report of the Environment, Resources and Development Committee --- Tabled in the House of Assembly and ordered to be published, 1 December 2009

(141p., 6.68 MB, pdf file)

This is a report from the South Australian Parliament inquiring
"On the development of an efficient and integrated public transport system incorporating all forms of public transport and necessary infrastructure improvements.


PPT Documents & Submissions to Government

Transport Enquiry - 2008 Environment, Resources and Development Committee Parliament of South Australia

The PPT submission to the inquiry includes a short summary paper
(3 pages) along with the following three attachments:

Attachment A - What are the Features of Good Public Transport (9p)
Attachment B - Climate Policy at the Junction (57p, 672 Kb, pdf)
Attachment C - What's Wrong with Depending on Cars (12 pages)

The original Terms of Reference (2p, 66Kb, pdf)

PPT Submission to the Legislative Council - May 2008

Recently PPT has presented a submission to the South Australian Legislative Council, specifically to the Select Committee of the Legislative Council on Peak Oil.

This submission consisted of five documents, listed below.

Other Submissions

PPT Conferences

CONFERENCE - October 2003
"Missed Opportunities - New Possibilities"

These reports are excerpted from the journal
TRANSIT AUSTRALIA - February 2004, Vol. 59, No. 2 , pp 41-43 We wish to thank the publishers for their kind permission to reprint these items.

These documents can be viewed separately at the following links or as one complete document in pdf format.

Complete set of reports   download here  pdf file 188 Kb

CONFERENCE - October 2002

CONFERENCE - October 2000
Public Transport - Dinosaur or Way of the Future?
"The Economics of Public Transport"

CONFERENCE - August 1999
"Public Transport in Adelaide: Problems & Visions"

References from a lecture by Dr Mike Mouritz at UniSA - Oct 2012

Obtained from a talk at UniSA by Dr Mike Mouritz (Executive: City Futures for the City of Canning, Metropolitan Perth) on the experience of planning and implementing transit oriented development in Perth. The links cover TOD's and urban planning in general, in Perth and elsewhere.

  1. "Peter Newman - investing in light rail", The Knowledge Arc Light Rail (Curtin University)
  2. "Sense of Place", George Seddon
  3. "Welcome to the Urban Revolution", Jeb Brugemann.
  4. "Tackling Wicked Problems", Australian Public Service Commission.
  5. "Transit Oriented Development", John L Renne.
    -- available here --
  6. "Statewide Transit Oriented Development", California Department of Transport, Final Report 2002.
  7. "Greening the Greyfields", Roman Trubka, Curtin University.
  8. "Alternative Funding Mechanisms for Public Transport in Perth", James McIntosh, CUSP, Curtin University.

Darlington Transport Study

This is a major proposal by the SA State Government that involves changes in public transport infrastructure, road transport corridors and land use in the Sturt Triangle, Flinders Medical Centre, Flinders University and associated areas.

Go to to see all about it.

Project Publications

Road Visualization Animation

Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Here in South Australia the Government is planning our first ever TOD in Bowden, to be followed eventually by others. If you need some guidance into what is a TOD and more importantly what makes a good TOD then please have a look below at this small sampling of documents gleaned from the experience of cities around the world.

Transit-Oriented Development: Factors and Elements of Success
Baltimore TOD Summit – 12/10/2007
 (44p, 4.78 MB, pdf file)

Transit Oriented Development Amended December 2005 Policy Guidelines - City of Calgary (44p, 1.11 MB, pdf file)

Transit-Oriented Zoning and Transit-Oriented Development
City & County of Honolulu TOD Program
(56p, 4.85 MB, pdf file)

Ten Principles for Successful Development Around Transit
Urban Land Institute - USA
(56p, 4.55 MB, pdf file)

Transit Oriented Development Principles, Best Practice and Implementation
(14p, 1.06 MB, pdf file)    Presented at the PPT Annual General Meeting 2009 by our guest speaker Benjamin Russ of  Infraplan (Aust) Pty Ltd

State Budget 2008 - Significant new investments in public transport

The 2008 South Australian State Budget has surprised us all by announcing large new investments in public transport infrastructure. For the first time in many years we are about to get the kind of spending that will make possible significant improvements in services.

Check out the following links for further information:

Budget: Public Transport, 5 June 2008 

New Connections - Sustainable Adelaide      

2008-09 Budget Paper 4: Portfolio Statement, Volume 2
Volume 2 contains the figures relating to public transport

Also available from here (pdf File, 1.40 Mb)

Miscellaneous Items

People for Public Transport - 2009 Annual Report   ( pdf file, 3p)

Making public transport work in Melbourne
People and Place, Sept, 2009 by David McCloskey, Bob Birrell, Rose Yip
(MS Word doc, 11p, 83 Kb)

How dense are we?
Another look at urban density and transport patterns in Australia, Canada and the USA
Paul Mees, School of Global Studies, Social Science & Planning, RMIT
(.pdf file, 15p, 127Kb)

Final Report Public Transport: Sixty - Fifth report of the Environment, Resources and Development Committee Tabled in the House of Assembly and ordered to be published, 1 December 2009
  (141p., 6.68 MB, pdf file)

This is a report from the South Australian Parliament inquiring "On the development of an efficient and integrated public transport system incorporating all forms of public transport and necessary infrastructure improvements.

Messenger Press Articles - "Off The Rails"

Late in 2003 the Messenger Press newspapers undertook an audit of Adelaide's Railway stations. A number of PPT Members and SARTAG (Southern Area Transport Advisory Group) members were involved in this process.

There was some degree of overlap and repetition in the text and pictures published in the various editions so here is a representative sample of the articles that resulted from the audit.

Bedford Park Interchange

Submisssion to the Development Assistance Commission on the proposed Bedford Park Transport Interchange.

Liveable, Sustainable Cities
David Hill, Research Officer, Australasian Railway Association Inc
Conference Paper, Sydney, April 5 2001

Millswood Railway Station - Patronage Survey Report & Press Release